Association of Democratic Reforms vs Union of India 2024 INSC 226- Direction To SBI

Clarification of Electoral Bonds judgment- A plain reading of paragraph 221 of the order dated 15 February 2024 indicates that SBI was required to submit all details, both in terms of the purchase and in terms of the receipt of contributions. The expression “include” in both subparagraphs “b” and “c” demonstrate that the inclusive part is illustrative and not exhaustive of the nature of the disclosure which is to be made by SBI – SBI is required to make a complete disclosure of all details in its possession. This will also comprehend the alphanumeric number and serial number of the Electoral Bonds which were purchased and redeemed -The Chairman and the Managing Director of SBI shall file an affidavit on or before 5.00 pm on 21 March 2024 indicating that SBI has disclosed all details of the Electoral Bonds which are in its possession and custody and that no details have been withheld from disclosure in terms of the directions contained in paragraph 221 of the judgment dated 15 February 2024.

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