Quotable Quotes

A second appeal is not a “third trial on facts” – Suresh Lataruji Ramteke vs Sumanbai Pandurang Petkar 2023 INSC 846

“Fairness is a hallmark of great advocacy”“Members of the Bar are expected to act as officers of the Court, to conduct themselves in a reasonable and fair manner”, –Brihan Karan Sugar Syndicate Private Limited vs Yashwantrao Mohite Krushna Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana – 2023 INSC 831

The fundamental rights do not exist in silos. There is a coalescence of several of the rights protected by Part III of the Constitution –S G Vombatkere vs Union of India WP(C) 682 of 2021 –

No litigant should be permitted to be so lethargic and apathetic much less should be permitted to misuse the process of law – Vasant Nature Cure Hospital & Pratibha Maternity Hospital Trust Vs Ukaji Ramaji (D) 2023 INSC 825

“The power to quash a criminal investigation or proceedings should not be lightly exercised. Yet, to refuse recourse to that power, in cases that require or may demand it, is being blind to justice, which the courts can scant afford to be.”Religare Finvest Limited vs State of NCT of Delhi 2023 INSC 819