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Dear all,

We, at CiteCase, are a small group of lawyers and law students, who are passionate about legal research. Our aim is to provide caselaw research assistance to lawyers and law students and also share updates on latest CaseLaws. We incur some expenses for running this project and to maintain this website.

Many well wishers have adviced us to convert this project to a subscription model. But we are damn against doing so as it will violate the very idea of this project. Our website and posts (on X Twitter) will be forever open to everyone here and so will be our website. Legal knowledge should be freely accessible. But to sustain ourselves, and meet the expenses, we need your help. If you are interested in contributing, please read on:

How much money do you spend casually each day? Can you take at least ₹1 of it and contribute to this project only if you feel that we are worth it ! You can make it as a weekly (₹7) or monthly (₹30) or yearly (₹366).

Note that even if you choose not to contribute, you will be able to read our posts as usual. With the money you send us, we will be able to employ people and develop this project to next level.

Thanking you all,

Team CiteCase