Varad Balwant Vasant vs Union of India 2024 INSC 459 – CA Exams

Summary: The Chartered Accountant Examination for the Intermediate and final course is due to commence on 2 May 2024 and end on 17 May 2024- Phase-wise polling during the General Elections is scheduled to take place on 7 May and 13 May 2024 – The petitioners allege that the convening of the examination on the above two days (one day after the phasewise polling) will cause severe hardship to candidates- Dismissing writ petition, SC observed: such a course of action would not be fair because it will allow some students to opt out of certain papers and take them in the ensuing examination. This will cause prejudice to those students who have to be assessed on the basis that they have taken all the papers at one and the same time.

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