Jiwachh Paswan vs Union Of India CA 2683 Of 2024 – Disciplinary Proceedings

Disciplinary Proceedings – It is not for the Court to substitute its own view as to the quantum of punishment in place and lieu of the punishment awarded by the competent authority. It is only in very rare cases that the Court might – to shorten litigation – think of substituting its own view – Referred to Union of India vs. G. Ganayutham (1997) 7 SCC 463. (Para 6)

Summary: Appellant- Member of the Central Reserve Police Force was removed from service – Instead of filing appeal, he filed writ petition by HC which got dismissed – SC allowed appeal and held: without disturbing the order of removal that has since been upheld by the High Court, interest of justice would be sufficiently served if a limited liberty is granted to the appellant to carry the order of removal in appeal before the IG of Police within thirty days from this date but confined to the quantum of penalty

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