Chatrapal vs State Of Uttar Pradesh 2024 INSC 115 :: [2024] 2 S.C.R. 348- Disciplinary Proceedings

Disciplinary Proceedings – ordinarily the findings recorded by the Inquiry Officer should not be interfered by the appellate authority or by the writ court. However, when the finding of guilt recorded by the Inquiry Officer is based on perverse finding the same can always be interfered – Referred to Union of India vs. P. Gunasekaran (2015) 2 SCC 610 , State of Haryana vs. Rattan Singh (1977) 2 SCC 491 and Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board vs. T.T. Murali Babu (2014) 4 SCC 108 (Para 12 )

Summary: Appellant dismissed from service after departmental inquiry on two charges of misconduct and insubordination – the appellant is a Class-IV employee against whom charge no. 1 was found proved on the basis of perverse finding and charge no. 2 is only about sending the representation to the High Court directly without availing the proper channel -the order whereby the appellant was terminated from service set aside.

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