Ali Hossain Mandal vs West Bengal Board Of Primary Education 2024 INSC 453 – WB Primary School Teachers Recruitment Rules

West Bengal Primary School Teachers Recruitment Rules 2016- Allowing appeal against Calcutta HC judgment, SC observed: The manner of shortlisting candidates for appointment as suggested by the Division Bench in the impugned judgments is inconsistent with the procedure laid down under Rule 8 of the Recruitment Rules, 2016, and those, cannot be sustained – The Panel or Merit List as notified on 15.02.2021 stood extinguished after expiry of one year i.e., on 15.02.2022, as per Rule 12 of the Recruitment Rules, 2016 – No extension by any competent authority was granted to the 15.02.2021 Panel and therefore no relief can be granted to candidates who approached the court in May 2022, i.e., long after the panel stood extinguished- No further appointments is permissible from the recruitment process initiated on 23.12.2020 when a fresh recruitment process has commenced.

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