Association of Democratic Reforms vs Union of India 2024 INSC 209 :: [2024] 3 S.C.R. 417 – Electoral Bonds – ECI’s Application

Electoral Bonds – Association For Democratic Reforms vs Union Of India 2024 INSC 113 :: [2024] 2 S.C.R. 420 – Further Directions issued: (i) The Registrar (Judicial) of this Court shall ensure that the data which has been filed by ECI in pursuance of the interim orders of this Court is scanned and digitized. This may be carried out preferably by 5 pm tomorrow (16 March 2024); (ii) Once the above exercise is completed, the originals shall be returned to Mr Amit Sharma, counsel appearing on behalf of ECI; (iii) ECI shall then upload the data on its website on or before 5 pm on 17 March 2024; and (iv) A copy of the scanned and digitized files shall also be made available to Mr Amit Sharma to obviate the replication of the process of digitization.- The judgment required the State Bank of India to furnish to the ECI all details of the Electoral Bonds purchased, and, as the case may, redeemed by political parties, including the date of purchase/redemption, name of the purchaser and the denomination of the Electoral Bond purchased. It has been submitted that SBI has not disclosed the alpha-numeric numbers of the Electoral Bonds- Registry to issue notice to SBI, returnable on 18 March 2024. Additionally, we also direct the presence of a Senior Officer of SBI who is responsible for the management and storage of details of Bonds purchased and redeemed on the next date of hearing.

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