Association Of Engineers vs State Of Tamil Nadu 2024 INSC 306 – Article 136 Constitution – SLP

Constitution of India, 1950; Article 136- Quoted from Narpat Singh v. Jaipur Development Authority (2002) 4 SCC 666 : 2002 INSC 222: “The exercise of jurisdiction conferred by Article 136 of the Constitution on this Court is discretionary. It does not confer a right to appeal on a party to litigation; it only confers a discretionary power of widest amplitude on this Court to be exercised for satisfying the demands of justice. On one hand, it is an exceptional power to be exercised sparingly, with caution and care and to remedy extraordinary situations or situations occasioning gross failure of justice; on the other hand, it is an overriding power whereunder the Court may generously step in to impart justice and remedy injustice. …..”(Para 26) [In this case, SC dismissed appeals filed by Association of Engineers Challenging Govt. Order appointing Technical Assistants As Assistant Engineers on Temporary Basis]

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