Chandan vs State (Delhi Admn.) 2024 INSC 271 :: [2024] 4 S.C.R. 94 – Criminal Trial – Motive

Criminal Trial – When ocular testimony inspires the confidence of the court, the prosecution is not required to establish motive. Mere absence of motive would not impinge on the testimony of a reliable eye-witness. Motive is an important factor for consideration in a case of circumstantial evidence. But when there is direct eye witness, motive is not significant – Lack or absence of motive is inconsequential when direct evidence establishes the crime – Referred to Shivaji Genu Mohite v. State of Maharashtra, AIR 1973 SC 55, Bikau Pandey v. State of Bihar, (2003) 12 SCC 616; Rajagopal v. Muthupandi, (2017) 11 SCC 120; Yogesh Singh v. Mahabeer Singh, (2017) 11 SCC 195 . (Para 5)

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