Dargah Hazrat Mulla Syed vs Union of India – Sufi Saint – Mortal Remains Transportation

Summary: Writ petition seeking a direction to permit transportation of the mortal remains of Hazrat Shah Muhammad Abdul Muqtadir Shah Masood Ahmad (Sufi-Saint) from Dhaka, Bangladesh to Prayagraj, India in accordance with his last and final will- Dismissing the WP, SC observed: It would not be either appropriate or lawful for this Court to direct that the mortal remains of a person, who admittedly was a citizen of a foreign State, should be brought for obsequial ceremonies to India- Hazrat was admittedly a Pakistani Citizen. There is no enforceable constitutional right which the petitioner can claim for the transport of his mortal remains from Dhaka, where he is buried, to India.

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