Dinesh Gupta vs State of Uttar Pradesh 2024 INSC 32 :: [2024] 1 S.C.R. 390 – Criminal Case Over A Civil Matter – Frivolous Litigation

Litigation – Unscrupulous litigants should not be allowed to go scot-free. They should be put to strict terms and conditions including costs. It is time to check with firmness such litigation initiated and laced with concealment, falsehood, and forum hunting. Even State actions or conduct of government servants being party to such malicious litigation should be seriously reprimanded – unnecessary turning of a civil matter into a criminal case not only overburdens the criminal justice system but also violates the principles of fairness and right conduct in legal matters. (Para 1)

Summary – A criminal complaint was filed and FIR was registered despite the commercial nature of dispute. Such ill intended acts of abuse of power and of legal machinery seriously affect the public trust in judicial functioning – FIR and criminal proceedings quashed – Imposed cost of ₹25 lakhs on Complainant with a view to curb others from such acts leading to abuse of judicial remedies

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