Directorate of Enforcement vs Bablu Sonkar 2024 INSC 107 – Practice & Procedure – Roster

Practice and Procedure – Roster notified by the Chief Justice is not an empty formality. All Judges are bound by the same – No Bench can hear a case, unless as per the prevailing roster, the particular case is assigned to the Bench or that the case is specially assigned to the Bench by the Chief Justice. (Para 8)

Summary: A Bombay HC Bench finally heard the writ petition and and the judgment was reserved – After some months, the Bench directed that the case was released and it should be heard afresh – But on that day, the roster of the writ petition was with another Bench on that day- However, after releasing the case, when admittedly there was no prayer made by the first respondent for grant of bail on 26.06.2023, the Bench granted bail – Supreme Court set aside that part of the impugned order by which bail was granted and permitted first respondent to move the roster Bench by filing an application for interim relief/grant of bail.

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