Govind Kumar Sharma vs Bank Of Baroda 2024 INSC 326 – SARFAESI

SARFAESI Act, 2002 – DRT set aside auction sale held in favour of the appellants – DRAT dismissed appeal – HC dismissed WP – Disposing appeal, SC held a) setting aside of the auction sale is affirmed. b) The status of the appellants as tenants shall stand restored leaving it open for the borrower as owner of the property to evict the appellants in accordance to law. c) The entire auction/sale money lying with the Bank (R-1 & 2) shall be returned to the appellants along with compound interest @12 per cent per annum to be calculated from the date of deposit till the date of payment. d) The Borrower Respondent nos.3 and 4 and the Bank–Respondent nos.1 and 2, would streamline their accounts and the Bank upon settlement of the same will issue a No Dues Certificate to the Borrower

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