Gulshan Bajwa vs Registrar, High Court of Delhi 2024 INSC 74 – Contempt – Apology

Contempt of Courts Act, 1971 – An apology must evidence remorse with respect to the contemptuous acts and is not to be used as a weapon to purge the guilty of their offence4. Further, an apology lacking in sincerity and not evidencing contriteness, cannot be accepted. (Para 22) – M.Y. Shareef v. Hon’ble Judges of High Court of Nagpur, (1955) 1 SCR 757 and Omesh Saigal and State v. R.K. Dalmia, 1968 SCC OnLine Del 179 and L. D. Jaikwal v. State of U.P., (1984) 3 SCC 405.

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