Haalesh @ Haleshi @ Kurubara Haleshi vs State Of Karnataka 2024 INSC 81 – Ss 149,302 IPC – A 136 Constitution – Criminal Trial

Indian Penal Code, 1860; Section 149, 302 – An overt act of some of the accused persons of an unlawful assembly with the common object to kill the deceased and to cause grievous hurt to the other family members is enough to rope in all of them for an offence under Section 302 IPC in aid with Section 149 IPC

Constitution of India, 1950; Article 136 – Criminal Appeal – This Court in exercise of its appellate jurisdiction is always slow in interfering with the concurrent findings of the courts below recorded on the basis of the evidence until and unless such findings are shown to be perverse. (Para 22)

Criminal Trial – the suggestion or opinion of the doctor cannot prevail as the opinion based upon probability is a weak evidence in comparison to the ocular evidence of eyewitnesses. (Para 21)

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