Injunction Suit Against Co-Owner Without Seeking Partition

In Bachan Singh vs Swaran Singh (2000) 126 PLR 416, the Punjab and Haryana High Court (Division Bench) held thus: (i) a co-owner who is not in possession of any part of the property is not entitled to seek an injunction against another co-owner who has been in exclusive possession of the common property unless any act of the person in possession of the property amounts to ouster, prejudicial or adverse to the interest of co-owner out of possession. (ii) Mere making of construction or improvement of, in the common property does not’ amount to ouster. (iii) If by the act of the co-owner in possession the value or utility of the property is diminished, then a co-owner out of possession can certainly seek an injunction to’ prevent the diminution of the value and utility of the property. (iv) If the acts of the co-owner in possession are detrimental to the interest of other co-owners, a co-owner out of possession can seek an injunction to prevent such act which, is detrimental to his interest. In all other cases, the remedy of the co-owner out of possession of the property is to seek partition, but not an injunction restraining the co-owner in possession from doing any act in exercise of his right to every inch of it which he is doing as a co-owner.

This view is seen followed by the Jammu & Kashmir High Court in Abdul Rashid vs Abdul Aziz 2006 (2) JKJ 414.

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