Khengarbai Lakhabhai Dambhala vs State Of Gujarat 2024 INSC 285 – S 451 CrPC – Gujarat Prohibition Act

Code Of Criminal Procedure, 1973; Section 451Gujarat Prohibition Act; Section 98, 132– Section 451 of the Cr.P.C. would come into play when the article property seized during the course of inquiry or investigation is produced before the jurisdictional Court as per Clause (a) of Section 132 and the Court is called upon to pass appropriate orders for the proper custody of such article/property pending the conclusion of the inquiry or the trial -Section 98 deals with the Confiscation of the Articles whenever any offence punishable under the Act has been committed. The second part of sub-section (2) thereof would come into play when the Prohibition Officer or Police Officer sends the seized article liable to be confiscated but not required as an evidence, to the Collector as per Clause (b) of Section 132. (Para 14)

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