Manikandan vs State 2024 INSC 272 :: [2024] 4 S.C.R. 234 – Criminal Trial – Tutoring Prosecution Witnesses

Criminal Trial – Precisely a day before the evidence of Prosecution Witnesses before the Trial Court, they were called to the Police Station and were taught to depose in a particular manner. One can reasonably imagine the effect of “teaching” the witnesses inside a Police Station. This is a blatant act by the police to tutor the material prosecution witnesses. All of them were interested witnesses. Their evidence will have to be discarded as there is a distinct possibility that the said witnesses were tutored by the police on the earlier day. This kind of interference by the Police with the judicial process, to say the least, is shocking. This amounts to gross misuse of power by the Police machinery. The Police cannot be allowed to tutor the prosecution witness. (Para 8)

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