Murari Lal Chhari vs Munishwar Singh Tomar 2024 INSC 168 – Complaint Against SAF Officers Quashed

Summary: Complaint against Special Armed Forces (SAF) Officers – Complainant was declared as the owner of the suit property – Complainant alleged that the accused officers broke the fencing and when he objected, they verbally abused him and he was pushed several time and even a death threat was given – Magistrate passed an order directing the cognizance to be taken under Sections 294,323, 427, 447, and 506­ of IPC – High Court dismissed petition challenging this order -In appeal, SC noted that a Contempt Petition was already filed in 2016, the said fact has not been mentioned in the complaint filed in the year 2017. The complainant did not challenge the dismissal of the Contempt Petition. In view of the finding recorded in the Contempt Petition by the High Court, taking the cognizance of the said complaint was surely an abuse of the process of law- Criminal proceedings quashed.

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