Neelima Suri vs State Of Madhya Pradesh – S 406 CrPC – Transfer Investigation Of FIR

Code Of Criminal Procedure, 1973; Section 406 -In exercise of power conferred under Section 406 of Cr.P.C., this Court would not transfer the investigation of an FIR- It is only when after investigation there is likelihood of causing some prejudice to an accused in the course of trial, that the power under Section 406 of Cr.P.C. can be invoked in exceptional cases and sparingly.- Referred to Ram Chander Singh Sagar (Dr) v. State of T.N., (1978) 2 SCC 35, para 1 and 2; State of U.P. v. State of Punjab, (2021) 19 SCC 519, para 24; Rhea Chakraborty v. State of Bihar, (2020) 20 SCC 184, para 19. [In this case, court invoked its powers under Article 142 of the Constitution of India and transfer all the four FIRs, to one and the same Investigating Agency, namely, Delhi Police.

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