Raju Krishna Shedbalkar vs State Of Karnataka CrA 577 Of 2024 – S 415 IPC – Cheating – Marriage

Indian Penal Code, 1860; Section 415,417- There can be multiple reasons for initiating a marriage proposal and then the proposal not reaching the desired end. It may in a given case involve cheating; it is possible theoretically yet in order to prove an offence of cheating in such cases prosecution must have reliable and trustworthy evidence in order to first prosecute such a case- in order to make out an offence under cheating the intention to cheat or deceive should be right from the beginning. [In this case: Allegation against accused he deceived the informant, received the money for purchase of clothes and also got booked the marriage hall – but marriage was called off as the bridegroom (informant) learnt that he married someone else]

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