Reliance Life Insurance Company Ltd vs Jaya Wadhwani 2024 INSC 10 – Insurance Law

Insurance – The date of proposal cannot be treated to be the date of policy until and unless on the date of proposal, initial deposit as also the issuance of policy happens on the same date where, for example, the premium is paid in cash then, immediately, the policy could be issued. Merely, tendering a cheque may not be enough as till such time the cheque is encashed, the contract would not become effective. The drawer of the cheque may, at any time, after issuing, stop its payment or there may not be enough funds in the account of which the cheque is issued and there could be many other reasons for which the cheque could be returned without being encashed. (Para 11)

Insurance – conditions of the contract as contained in the policy should be strictly adhered to. Otherwise mentioning of the terms and conditions would be a futile exercise, if any other interpretation is given or terms and conditions are relaxed. (Para 12)

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