Sukhpal Singh vs NCT Of Delhi 2024 INSC 385 – S 299 CrPC

Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973; Section 299 (1)- The first part provides for proof of jurisdictional fact in respect of abscondence of an accused person and the second that there was no immediate prospect of arresting him. In the event, an order under the said provision is passed, deposition of any witness taken in the absence of an accused may be used against him if the deponent is dead or incapable of giving evidence or cannot be found or his presence cannot be procured without any amount of delay, expense or inconvenience which, under the circumstances of the case, would be unreasonable – Referred to Nirmal Singh v. State of Haryana (2000) 4 SCC 41 re: Under what circumstances and by what method, the statement of a witness under Section 299 of CrPC could have been tendered in the case for being admissible. (Para 31-32)

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