Supreme Court Launches eSCR – Big Boost For CaseLaw Research

Today, the Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud announced launch of electronic Supreme Court Reports (e-SCR) project. This will provide pdf of judgments as reported by ‘Supreme Court Reports’.

How to search Supreme Court judgments by case name?

  1. Click on
  2. Enter case name (For example “Kesavananda”) in the search box.
  3. Fill in captcha and click Search.
  4. A page containing list of judgments which contains this case name will appear.
  5. You can see certain filters like “Court”, “Judges” and “disposal year”.
  6. If you know the disposal year (Kesavananda Bharati judgment was delivered in the year 1973), please click on the said year. You can use other filters in similar way.
  7. Then you will land in a page which contains the judgment you are searching for.
  8. Click on the case name and the pdf of judgment will pop up.

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