Trisha Singh vs Anurag Kumar 2024 INSC 450 – Marriage Dissolved- Wife Conduct – Resiling From Settlement

Summary: SC dissolves marriage taking note of wife’s conduct -[the petitioner-wife having taken advantage of the settlement executed before the Mediator has managed to get the matrimonial case instituted by the respondent-husband withdrawn. She has also accepted a sum of Rs.50 lakhs from the respondent-husband towards part payment of the permanent alimony and thereafter, she is trying to resile from the settlement without any justification. The conduct of the petitioner-wife is clearly, recalcitrant inasmuch as she has disregarded the terms and conditions agreed before the Mediator in the settlement proceedings which were undertaken pursuant to the directions of this Court. Not only this, because of her conduct, the respondenthusband has been put to grave disadvantage inasmuch as he has withdrawn the matrimonial case and has also paid a significant proportion of the permanent alimony to the petitioner-wife in terms of the settlement agreement.]

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