Mahendra Nath Soral vs Ravindra Nath Soral 2024 INSC 372- Alternative Dispute Redressal Process

Alternative Dispute Redressal Process – The dispute relating to partition/division amongst family members/coparceners /co-owners should normally be settled through Alternative Disputes Redressal (ADR) Process -The Courts are required to explore these methods for amicable settlement of family disputes – Referred to Afcons Infrastructure Limited vs. Cherian Varkey Construction Company Private Limited (2010) 8 SCC 24: 2010 INSC 431 -. It is ‘properties’ vs ‘proper ties’. ‘Short term gain’ vs ‘Long terms relations’. One can either get share in the properties that too by litigating or can maintain proper ties amongst the family members with little give and take, and not going to the extent of minute details. (Para 19-23.1)

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