Shriram Manohar Bande vs Uktranti Mandal 2024 INSC 337 – Service Law – MEPS Act – Resignation

Service Law– As per service jurisprudence, the employment is terminated from the date on which the letter of resignation is accepted by the appropriate authority. (Para 21)

Maharashtra Employees of Private Schools (Conditions of Service) Regulation Act, 1977; Section 7- Mere noncommunication of acceptance of resignation to the employee would not render the termination invalid- Resignation would be effective on its acceptance, even if the acceptance is not communicated as long as rules or guidelines governing the resignation do not mandate such acceptance of resignation is to be communicated – Referred to North Zone Cultural Centre and another vs. Vedpathi Dinesh Kumar reported in (2003) 5 SCC 455. (Para 18- 22)

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