Vidya K vs State Of Karnataka 2024 INSC 137 :: [2024] 2 S.C.R. 713- Service Law

Service Law – Service jurisprudence must begin and end with rules that govern the process of qualification, recruitment, selection, appointment and conditions of service. Appointments to these posts are in the nature of ‘status’, which means that the service and its conditions can be unilaterally changed by the amendment of the Rules. The first duty of the Tribunal is to verify and examine the claims made by a party in the context of the Rule that governs the field. If the Rule does not prescribe a subject-wise speciality, there is no justification for the Tribunal or the High Court to examine the propriety, or for that matter, the beneficial effect of the rule. [In this case, Karnataka Administrative Tribunal quashed the notification for filling up 18 posts of lecturers of Home Science in First Grade College run by State of Karnataka on the ground that specifying the subject categories is necessary for advertising the vacant posts – KAT Order set aside]

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